Virginia Clay-Sorb is for FAST cleanup of spills.

Just sprinkle Clay-Sorb on the spill and within a few minutes you can sweep it up. No need to wait for hours or days to clean up spills.

This unusually absorbent clay holds more liquid than typical clays and other minerals, and can absorb up to 100% of its weight in oil, resulting in quick spill cleanup and superior odor control.

Virginia Clay-Sorb is an all-natural, super absorbent, fragrance-free product made from Fuller’s Earth clay. Our clay goes through a modern manufacturing process of crushing, sizing, and drying, which yields a high quality, sanitary absorbent that is unequaled for its use in industry, garages, and in the home.

Virginia Clay-Sorb has several recommended uses:

  • Industrial Chemical Spills
  • Oil Spills – Absorbs oil spills in the workplace or in the garage.
  • Paint Spills
  • Odor Control – Spread at the bottom of a garbage can to absorb dampness.
  • BBQ Grill – Placed in the bottom of a charcoal grill to absorb grease.
  • Can even be used as Cat Litter



Packaging Sizes

  • 10 Lb. Bleach White Kraft Paper bags
  • 25 Lb. Plastic bags
  • 40 Lb. Plastic bags

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